Calling All Weekend Workers! Unwind in The Courtyard on Sundays

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Update: This session is currently on hiatus, but we’ll keep you posted!

Working hard? Partying hard? Wind down after your weekend at The Courtyard, Hanover Street with Rattlesnake County and the Sunday Sessions.

We especially want to welcome bar staff, hospitality staff, nurses, doctors, guards and all the other folk who are working hard while everyone else is out having fun. If Sunday’s your night off and you want to kick back and relax after working for the weekend, this one’s for you. Rattlesnake County’s live music session will provide the acoustic choons to hum along to, or join in with if you’re feeling brave!

Live old-school rock and country jam session (all musicians and singers welcome to join in!), 3.50e pint specials, a cosy warm bar and a chilled-out atmosphere – what better way to end your weekend?

Session on 9th March at 9 pm, next session on 17th March (specially on Monday for St. Patrick’s Day), 6-8 pm.

Keep up to date on our Facebook page and check out our Youtube channel for a taste of what’s in store!

New! Sunday Sessions in The Courtyard

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Update: This session is currently on hiatus, but we’ll keep you posted!

Rattlesnake County are delighted to announce that we are adding a weekly jam session in Cork to our schedule! Join us in The Courtyard on Hanover Street every Sunday at 9 pm for our trademark mix of acoustic country, folk, classic rock and good times.

As always with our sessions, musicians and singers of all skill levels and musical persuasions are very much welcome. Bring your didgeridoo or washboard, give us a your rendition of Highway to Hell or Spancil Hill – we’ll always do our best to join in!

Sunday sessions in The Courtyard are the perfect way to wind down after a hectic weekend, whether you’ve been working, partying, or both. We want to give a shout-out in particular to the hard-working bar and hospitality staff of Cork – what better way to end your weekend than to relax in The Courtyard with some classic jams and the beverage of your choice?

Join us tomorrow, Sunday 23rd February at 9 pm for the first ever Sunday Session in The Courtyard!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates about our sessions and gigs!

New Session in El Fenix

After a great couple of gigs in An Bróg and Gallagher’s in the past couple of weeks, Rattlesnake County are pleased to announce some more good news. Starting on Tuesday 4th February (tomorrow), members of the band will be running a brand new fortnightly jam session in El Fenix, Union Quay, Cork.

El Fenix (previously The Phoenix, a well-known and much loved gigging venue) opened a few months ago, adding to the cluster of pubs on Union Quay that are renowned for live music. Some members of Rattlesnake County actually began their gigging careers in the old Phoenix, so it’s brilliant to see the place revitalised and open for business again.

El Fenix are getting a lot of live music up and running, which is good news for the musicians of Cork of course, and we’re delighted to be getting involved. They even have a piano tuned and ready to go!

The session will be an open acoustic jam session, which means no fiddling around with microphones, and absolutely anyone of any musical persuasion and skill level is free to hop in and join us. We’ll generally be playing a mix of classic rock, country and folk, but we’re open to anything else you want to throw in.

The session starts at 9:30 pm tomorrow night (Tuesday 4th February), and will run every fortnight from then on. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates.

Finally, here’s a taste of what you can expect to find in El Fenix tomorrow night. See you there!

2014, here we come!

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Rattlesnake County are currently busy recording a demo, so that we’ll have a nice shiny CD to give to anyone who wants one! In the meantime you can check out videos of our live performances at gigs and sessions on our Audio and Video page, and if that isn’t enough, we have more on our Youtube channel.

Having kicked off the new year with an excellent gig in the Woodford on January 3rd, we’re looking forward to playing at more venues and festivals around Cork city, county and beyond!

We’ll be using this part of the site to announce upcoming gigs, regular sessions and other Rattlesnake County-related news. Stay tuned for updates, here and on our Facebook page.