Upcoming gigs – The Poor Relation and The Crane Lane

We’ve got a great weekend of Cork gigs ahead!Dylan and Gwen


Dylan and Gwen will be playing in The Poor Relation Grocery and Pub on Parnell Place tomorrow (Friday 12th September), at their fantastic open-air barbecue.


With the lovely weather we’ve been having it’s sure to be a treat, so pop along after work for free food, a pint, and laid-back country tunes in the sunshine! Starts at 6:00 pm – better get there in time for the burgers.


On Monday (15th September) it’s a full-band endeavour, making our debut in renowned gig venue The Crane Lane to round off their Roots and Brew Festival. We’ll be on stage from 11:30 pm – drop in for some late night bluegrass-style shenanigans and a dance or two!


Hope to see you there!


Rattlesnake County 🙂


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